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Adapters connecting trailer to towing vehicle are offered as follows:

   Price list

to ball ISO 50 mm

Additional eye for towing pin connection available

to busses

ball and/or eye rise to 120 mm available

to lorries

Brake adapter of 900 mm over road level pin available

running-on equipment

to variable joint height available


The platform (floor) may be modified to tilt a rear part in case of car transport need.


Example of further selected modifications:

Flat trailer - Sides divisible & tilting

rear part tilting

front part fixed

side height of 400 mm – steel or water-proof plywood performance




Platform trailer with tarpaulin:

1. Tarpaulin height of 1900 mm above bed. Two lines of wooden protecting beams on structure equipped

Tarpaulin customer closures equipped. Tarpaulin colour and quality acc. to Customer request available.

2. Assemblies of special additional top carrier to transport luggage, rafting boats and/or other cargo upto 150 kgs of gross weight available.



”ARCAL 2025 type sandwich panels case available


  1. Cheaper type cases by means of domestic materials and modern sticking technology available (used for compressors, pumps and/or other technique trailers).
  2. Freezing and/or cooling store cases trailer chassis available (cases may be delivered by Customer).




Earthwork machines transport trailer examples:


Bicycle transport trailer examples: 

Boat transport trailer examples:


Further trailer model examples by means of our chassis:


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